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AVG 15 - for 15 and 18-meter gliders
AVG OPEN - for sailplanes 18 meters and larger
AVG DUO - for two-seat gliders

TAURUS - Motor sailplane  
PW-6, FOX - for two-seat gliders

Standard trailer configuration 

  • chassis made from aluminum

  • composite cover

  • axle with brakes (AL-KO or KNOTT)

  • automatic back-up release with hitch (AL-KO or KNOTT)

  •  V-type or 70x70x5 tow bar (AL-KO or KNOTT)

  • floor from waterproof plywood

  • 2+1 wheels 155R13 (AVG 15), 175R14C (AVM DUO)

  • special box inside for tools

  • standard lights (acc. to EC or USA or Australia)

  • ramp (2 rails) with hand-operated lift

  • fitting for fixing the main gliders part

We have been on the market since 1997 and since then we have produced nearly 1150 various types of trailers.
From trailers for transporting small ultralight aircraft to the Stemme S-10 motor glider.


We can assure you that with AVIONIC you are always ready to fly.

Driving to the airport is fun because your trailer is consistently on the road,
whether loaded or empty.


The large opening angle of the cover and the neat loading mechanism enables quick and efficient loading of the sailplane and its parts.
The glider stored in the trailer is safe, there is no risk of any damage or destruction.


The AVIONIC trailer also gives you independence, because you will soar faster when you take your equipment out of the trailer than from a club hangar. The very good quality of the parts used guarantees long-term use of the AVIONIC trailer. All steel parts are galvanized and protected against corrosion.


Composite covers are gel coated and aluminum covers are painted with acrylic lacquer. The main running units of AL-KO Kober production (axle with brake, drawbar)
are certified all over the world, which allows the trailer to be registered on all continents.



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