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Diana 3 KKB 18KE  -  18m

Wing span -  18m / 59ft
Fuselage length  -  6.43m / 21ft
Height  -  1.35m / 4.43ft

Wing area  -  10.456m² / 112.5ft²

Empty mass  -  306kg / 674lb

Max all-up mass  -  600kg /1322lb

Stall speed  -  70km/h / 37.7knots

Best L/D  > 55 

Max V - 270km/h  / 145,7 knots / 167 Mph


Diana 3 - Aerodynamic Masterpiece

Indeed this sailplane is an Aerodynamic Masterpiece.

Diana 3 is the high-performance 18-meter span sailplane, created to achieve the highest standard of aerodynamic design in her class.

Its performance characteristics in the air are to be better than any other 18-meter class sailplane.

Very high gliding ratio about 55:1 giving the pilot

the comfort of the flight.

Low descent of 1.4m/s at speed of 200km/h and enormous climbing capabilities at low speeds making Diana 3

an excellent competition and cross-country sailplane.

New wings

New Diana 3’s wing profile is a high-tech mile step into the future thanks to nowadays simulation software. There are some unique and more advanced aerodynamics solutions in it than in the previous project.


A good example is a different pressure distribution on the wing profile than well-known solutions in other gliders.

This means different properties giving better characteristics for lift force, better climb rate, and more resistance to dirt, bugs, and rainfall. 

Centre stick.

A very short but important message here:

'No more side stick in Diana 3'

This sailplane has been equipped with a very common and popular center stick which is good news for pilots who prefer the usual solution.


The idea for a new KKB glider came during the Grand Prix competition Chile 2010, where several Polish and Czech glider pilots suggested to combine the Diana-2’s wings with the KKB fuselage.


Doctor of aerodynamic, Professor Kubryński designed a completely new wing for the KKB fuselage with a span of 18 meters.

After a couple of years first prototype was created. Towards the end of 2016, load calculations were completed, fuselage load tests were carried out, and in January 2017 a load test of the wing was performed to finish the finishing work on the glider.


In December 2017, our company "Avionic" purchased the rights to the glider and given the name to the sailplane - Diana-3. 

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